1. To provide all members the opportunity to combine their strengths in the areas of service, stock, knowledge and volume for the purpose of bettering their trading agreements with all suppliers
  2. Increase their overall volume of Sales, and ensuring increased market share
  3. Increase their competitiveness with regular & varied promotional activities.
  4. This will be achieved through the consolidation of purchases & the channelling of these purchases on a regular basis, through a core of key suppliers, with whom trading arrangements will be negotiated.
  5. Increasing their trading discounts, L.T.I. rebate incentives and settlement discounts.
  6. To offer full support of key suppliers re product training, technical support, field assistance & co-operative advertising.
  7. ISG conducts an Annual Conference for all members to attend and discuss the operations of the previous year, and plan the policies and workings for the coming year.
  8. All members are called on by our Manager, Mr Brad Coleman, once a year at their place of business.
  9. The production of a 40 - 48 page catalogue 4 times per year.
  10. The maintenance of the ISG Group web site ( www.isgaus.com.au ) for our members.
  11. Keeping members informed of price increases with 30 – 60 days notice.