• All members receive 100% Rebate and LTI returns, in proportion to their sales - (80% of sales = 80% rebate.) Rebates & LTI’s established with many preferred suppliers to the Industrial Supply Group provides financial rewards for your endeavours. These rewards are paid by cheque allowing each member various avenues to invest in their business. The ISG Office does not “pool” money received, we distribute it to all members evenly, unlike other groups. With Industrial Supply Group membership you have access to a far greater range of suppliers and products
  • Group rebates and LTIs - provides a high money return, usually far in excess of any money return gained by an independent or sole trader
  • Improved pricing & margins = higher gross profit.
  • Increased supplier base to satisfy your client’s needs.
  • Participation in group BULK BUYS = lower cost expenses.
  • National Contracts, in conjunction with other members

Industrial Supply Group is one of the more established groups in the engineering and industrial markets and will greatly increase and benefit any independent trader considering joining a buying group.