The Benefits of Becoming a Member

ISG is focused on delivering more to its Members and supporting them with industry knowledge and national buying power. Members are offered a range of exclusive support services to drive sales, gain repeat business and access to competitive pricing.

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Strategic Support

ISG provides its Members with a range of strategic, business and administrative services. Members gain exclusive insights through our business intelligence, market analysis and product information. ISG also help Members use technology and develop digital options for choosing and buying products that many customers now expect. ISG supports Members by leveraging both our Member and Supplier network to develop continuous improvements in pricing, trading solutions, credit facilities, reward programs and much more.


Buying Power

ISG combine the areas of industry knowledge, service, product range and combined buying power of our group of independent Members for the purpose of developing better trading agreements with market leading Supplier brands. By doing so, we are able to make sure that pricing available to our Members is competitive and the end customers can purchase industrial products from ISG Members at a good price.

Product Range Development

Through bulk buying, Members have access to an expanding range of products from our relationships with industry leading brand Suppliers. To ensure deeper commercial relationships are developed and the customers unique industrial needs are always met, Members undergo regular product training, new product trials and instore merchandise support.


ISG Annual Conference

This event is a highly anticipated trade event between ISG Members, Suppliers and the industry. The conference is an ideal platform where Suppliers meet the decision makers within ISG’s membership. It has become an event that is eagerly awaited by Suppliers and Members alike. ISG Suppliers are always represented at the annual event. The conference is a mutually exclusive networking event for Members and Suppliers where orders are taken, business relationships grow, trading arrangements are cemented and industry knowledge is shared.

An Extended Team

A benefit of joining the ISG group is Members are never alone. Members might be a small business, but ISG provide a range of services Members can use as an extension to their operations. This includes support with ongoing sales development, creating opportunities to become a key account, servicing large scale end users, provision of inventory management solutions, tender support, contract negotiations and providing access to marketing services and product specialists.


Marketing Support

It is important for established businesses to move with the evolving competitive landscape. ISG Members are provided a range of collateral, promotions, technology platforms and digital marketing advice. Members receive a personalised industrial catalogue that they can distribute to their customers, Member communications on the latest from Suppliers and the group as well as the support of a specialised team dedicated to identifying market opportunities.

Other Support Services

Our Members are offered a wide range of support services to ensure that every aspect of their business can succeed in today’s competitive market. These services include support with human resources, health and safety, accounting, account management and an IT help desk.


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Person nominated by the Applicant Business being the Sole Trader, a Partner, Director or Senior Manager authorised to manage the rights and responsibilities.

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